Creative challenge…

Want more creativity out of your team?  Want creativity that leads to innovation and new ideas, products, and differentiators that seperate your company from the competition?

STOP being so soft.

Remind the team why you are here, where you are going, and why it matters.  And, challenge them.  Push them out of their comfort zone.  Create some serious adversity for them.  Don’t challenge the entire team. Challenge your best. Throughout history the most creative geniuses have been their most creative and productive selves when struggling the most.  Moments of insight appear more from the depths than from the mountaintop high. Funny, huh.

Unconventional, yes; Unproven, no.

My re-read through, Origins of Genius, by Dean Keith Simonton has furthered my already strong conviction that challenging the system is what we need.  Creativity, like so much of life, isn’t what we think.  Creativity is REAL, HARD, WORK.  Of course it is.  We have, however, bought the lie that making things easier and more comfortable is the magic of unleashing the creative minds around us.  Greatness, truth be told, is always taken to the depths before it fights it’s way to the top.

Challenge yourself, challenge your best, challenge me.

And, expect the challenge from me; NOT because I’m trying to be the jerk and push you into pain so I somehow feel better about me. Expect the challenge from me because you are someone I believe in and believe can become a creative genius in your chosen domain of work. Go and do likewise. Actually, go and do it better. Good…

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