Work on me…

Victimhood is on the rise in America’s neighborhoods. Woe is me, echoes from east to west. Obama wants a nation of victims. He wants us united, seemingly, with our hands out. Our heritage, as Americans, is to use our hands to produce something of substance at work and return to our homes and work with our neighbors to form communities of caring there too. Our heritage is hands on kinda folks. Hands on. Victimhood is on the rise in America’s workplaces too. Woe is me, all I do is run from one meeting to the next. Woe is me, my problem is my inner circle can’t be trusted. Woe is me, my teammate isn’t carrying their weight. Woe is me. Victimhood is becoming America’s home address. It’s not the one we need. Today, become aware of where your “little voice” thinks you live. When adversity strikes, what’s it telling you? When good comes your way, what’s it telling you? During the mundane middle, what’s it saying?

“Work on me” is the one you want. Replace woe is me with work on me. Replace woe is me with work on me. Your heritage is work on me. Your legacy, I hope, will be to pass it along. You, my friend, will feel better standing on your own two feet. You will feel better working on you because your brain always wanted its focus at home. While you’re at it you might want to replace your furniture too, it’s a bit threadbare. Furnish your personally responsible place with gratitude – gratitude flowing from God’s personal Grace. Gratitude for the shoulders you stand upon. Gratitude for the many gifts you’ve been given. Gratitude. Now you’re really smiling. Your new place fits you. It’s just the right size for who you are, now.

Woe is me to work on you. You are choosing. Your choices have consequences. Choose to be grateful and get your hands on something good. Get to work on you, your craft, and those you love. Good…

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