Weak sauce…

Today, during practice 148 with kman’s krazies, we focused on a few who came prepared to receive feedback on the O & P of their OPUS. Frankee came prepared. However, Frankee also came a bit passive. He’s gaining strength but still isn’t quite as comfortable as I want when the spotlight shines his way. So, this morning at 8:51 Jimmyccd asked the first question toward Frankeethecfoinghonkee. Frankee clarified that he isn’t motivated to max money. However, he does see his responsibility to build profitable projects. He is the CFO, afterall. It’s not the core driver of his opus, he reiterated, but is critically important. Kristina asked why Frankee felt the need to put a disclaimer at the end of his opus.

9:09 I gave the team the chance to write what they learned. I picked up a few disclaimers from Frankeethecfoinghonkee and went down the bunny hole. I asked him why he made the passive aggressive disclaiming comment to PK’s question. Most of his teammates missed what I saw or simply are in the habit of looking away. Do you ever look away when it would be better to virtuously see what caught your eye?

Do you ever see something not quite right but look away instead of acting? Do you ever see someone going the wrong direction, missing the point, and instead of offering helpful course correction, just let them figure it out on their own or assume their boss or brother will see what you saw and act accordingly? Back to the more comfortable look at Frankee and what I saw and acted upon…

“Frankee,” I began, “Why did you say people are checking out and then go all retractor on me and say they weren’t checking out this time even though you have seen them checked out at other times?” I called him out, you could say. Actually, my aim was to help him see what others see and just don’t have the courage to say.  I want him to let us keep the spotlight on him and get comfortable in it. He is a good CFO and the team needs to know him. And, I want him to be confident in calling the team out when he sees specific teammates drifting away. Not because he’s frustrated but because he wants the best out of them. You see, I believe in Frankeethecfoinghonkee and don’t want him to tolerate his own weak sauce, as he would say. I want him to see and act. I want him to see and say what needs to be said, even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard. So, today, I hit him with some truth in love. He may not have felt the love and may not have bought that it was true. Both were my aim.

Want a better team? Practice seeing more. Practice tuning in like an animal being stalked. Practice picking up the seemingly small truths that can turn your teammates performance up just a smiggen. Practice seeing and saying what needs to be said. God, help us all remember that ‘someday’ the truth will set us free. Someday, we will see and say without hesitation, without harming, and without being misunderstood. Someday. Someday we’ll leave the weak sauce behind. Someday we’ll be good sauce.  And, the more you and I practice for someday, the better today. Today, as kman and I walked out together he looked at me and commented it was another good practice. He meant it. I agreed. kman brought his best sauce. He’s learned he doesn’t have to give disclaimers or even placate bankers. He just brings his sauce. I’m trying to cool my sauce down without losing it’s heat and pop. Someday. Good…

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