Brand, belief, bullshit, and better…

The summer of 2002 I was driving east on interstate 70 when my phone rang. The caller was Mike Frost, COO Lockton Companies, we had just met earlier that day for the first time. He called to tell me I got the job. BTL two months in existence now had it’s second client. I can remember cranking the tunes the rest of the way home and imagining where this experiment (BTL) was heading. The next month sitting in Mike’s office I asked him why he hired me, the remote guy, when he had so many coaches to choose from right there in KC. Frosty looked me in the eye’s, smiled and told me very ccd his why.

“You actually believe this bullshit,” he exclaimed and laughed out loud. I did. He knew it. I still do. Leaders are believers. This week one of my clients told me he has a branding problem. I corrected him. His brand is not the problem. He has a belief problem. I can see it in his eyes. This is why, at BTL, we begin with discovery and you working on your worldview. You, my friend, can’t exude what you have yet to possess. Want a better brand? Start working on deepening your belief in your work, master your craft, study, learn, apply, build competence like a crazy – confidence, just the right amount will soon simply ooze out.

The BTL brand, btw, is barely recognized in the world of work. We’ve lost the ability to bullshit. And, we’ve never done better work for the ones we serve. Good…

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