The date was September 11, 2013 when this pesky client of mine shot me this note in an attempt to kick my butt and make me do what I can. Few clients return the favor, so to speak. This one has done it more than most. Today, I’m blessed with the best clients I’ve ever had. In additon to my normal business clients I now serve a few sports (OSU & The Arnold Classic) teams. Here’s the challenge from two years ago. As you read, think about who makes you do what you can and remember, this is your chief need in life – someone who will make you do what you can. Thanks, Ralph Waldo Emerson and thanks durp.

“Today, you shared an opportunity. You shared that grappy has a dream. You shared that it could potentially start small and lead to something BIG. Y.O.U. also shared an excuse. Time. My challenge is for you to write about it, DREAM about it, and see if the idea lights you up. My challenge is for you to recognize how everything is connected and grappy reaching out to you could be a sign of something BIG to come.

My challenge is for you to figure out how to plug into the OSU network to start building young professionals. How to manage your time so that it’s not an excuse. Suit just helped with this one. How to help your clients network, recruit, and practice with OSU instead of just telling them to go do it. Figure out if guys like me and Kman can help and share the tension with us so that together we improve. Figure out if giving this amazing gift of BTL to the next generation of leaders in Columbus can take your OPUS to a level you never thought was possible. Let that sink in… My challenge is for you to FIO =  Figure It Out. I can’t wait for you to tell me more…”

Want a better team? Want a better business? Want better? Better FIO, friend. FIO…

1 thought on “FIO…

  1. Geez Chet, you’re always telling me what a sissy Churp is, but this note is full of wisdom and strength. I believe Durp, FIO!

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