Rogueman the professional…

Today, a BTL practice participant didn’t show up for the morning core workout he had commited to. He was a no show. You see, he had another commitment that was more important. His window to workout with us changed due to his other commitment expanding it’s time on his schedule. In other words somebody told him he had to be somewhere else during the window of time he had commited to our team. He chose well. He chose the more important commitment. Good.

Here’ the magic. He worked out earlier. When I walked into the Broadmoor Spa today at 6:30 am with Krits, Brian, and my new friend Nate, the first face I noticed was none other than Rogueman. Yup, he had the same shirt on again. Gotta love that, huh. He was holding a heavy kettlebell in his right arm and swinging it around like it was a toothpick. I walked over to him, tapped him on the shoulder and told him I was looking forward to his presentation at 8bells in front of 300 of his peers. He smiled and continued working. Good.

So, when Rich (Rogueman) Reda, took the stage today I was all ears to hear what he had to challenge his producer peers regarding how to “handle the velocity of life.”  In less time than our typical 30 minute workout, he gave out more book recommendations than I’ve ever heard. He told his story. He explained back in 94 he had two best friends – caffeine and nicotine. He was going the wrong way and his heart gave him a blessed “wake up call.” He is a quick learner. He shared SEAL story after SEAL story and challenged his team of peers to “earn their lofty positions.” He was calling them out whether they noticed or not. Without a doubt, this was the best speech I’ve ever heard from anyone at this client.

As my friend, Jim Gant would say, this man is not a producer – he’s a professional. I agree. Thanks, Rich for all the book recommendations. See you at our next practice. I expect you to model the way and challenge your peers. Push us, please. Make us all do what we can. This is why we practice, friends. We practice to become ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL. This may sound soft. It is anything but soft. Becoming one team of producers, collectors, developers, builders, planners, grapplers, technologists, or any other kinda team is the height of high performance because it is so HARD. Good…

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