Tough and tender American Spartan…

My cousin, Ann Scott Tyson, is married to Jim Gant. Jim is a former Green Beret who led General Petraeus’s initiative to win the war in Afghanistan by imbedding elite American forces alongside Pashtun tribes. Ann’s book titled, American Spartan tells this story from the front lines. As I’ve mentioned previously on this site, the book is raw and real. If you like any of my book recommendations you will like this one. Since meeting Jim at my Mom’s 90th birthday, we’ve become brothers in more ways than one. I share his latest writing to me to show you an example of what I mean when I describe elite performers in any field as a combination of “tough and tender.” Here’s his writing to me for what it’s worth. Enjoy.

“Yesterday I sat down next to Haney and read him the wonderful post that you wrote about hope. I could barely get through it because I wanted to cry and when I finished, I looked at Haney and he was crying. So I cried too. He told me it just brought back so many memories. He told me a few stories…He told me about the time when you called and told him about your dad’s passing away. We talked about many important and wonderful things over a very short period of time. Our spirits touched.”
“An old man’s tear is more potent than that of a young man because it is the residuum of life in his weakening body. A young man’s tear is like a drop of dew on the leaf of a rose, while that of an old man is like a yellow leaf which falls with the wind at the approach of winter.” Khalil Gihibran

“It is one thing to study war, it is quite another to live a warrior’s life.” Telamon

Thanks, Jim, for taking the time to share a magic moment with Haney. Thank you for your real, hard, service to our country. God bless you. Elite performers are professionals. Tough and tender pro’s. Good…

1 thought on “Tough and tender American Spartan…

  1. God bless the Berets. Legend and The Only Thing Worth Dying For also amazing Beret books. Dick Couch also wrote a great one called Chose Soldier. He’s a SEAL and had amazing things to say about Beret training.

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