And so much more…

Eight, short days ago Miss and I rounded the corner and made our way up the financial district of London. It was a quiet Saturday, as much as London and quiet can go together. We hadn’t seen our little boy, Andrew (28), in fourteen months. Miss saw him first and took off as fast as her feet could carry her. I watched as my Greek/Comanche bride enveloped her long, lost son. Of course, Andrew is not lost but it was grand to have eight days to emmerse ourselves in finding who he’s becoming as he makes his way in and around Berlin and life in general.

Today, Miss and I are home. We just arrived back in cbus and couldn’t wait to smell the fresh, smoke free, Ohio air. We are ready for a return to routine and yet were reluctant to leave behind our son who it seems we had just begun to reconnect. We met a few of Andrew’s friends, walked countless miles together, shared meal after glorious meal, and watched him smile and laugh more than I could imagine. We took in beautiful scenery and timeless history. We strolled through parks built for a King. We listened to Andrew and all kinds of folks communicate in good German while Miss and I sat by in amazement. We took in Andrew’s apartment, his roomates, and marveled at his art. Really, really marveled at his art.

Andrew is finding his way. One thing is certain. Andrew is an artist. He is a beautiful painter and able bodied craftsman. His latest wood work, a work in progress, dominated his apartment/studio beneath his bed. He and his friends built a functional studio that made me and Miss smile. Andrew is an artist, we now know with certainty and we know he’s much more too. Like all of us he’s a work in progress. We will miss our long walks with him, our dog voice talks, our long laughs with he and Thomas, and our too short one’s with Hannah. We will miss our Andrew, period.

Today we’re back home with Taylor, our dogs, and without young Andrew beside us. He’s at home in Berlin with his art, his friends, and his life. Tomorrow, we get back to the routine. Thanks, Andrew for providing your parents with a few kairos moments these past eight days. We will see you again, hopefully soon. You are an artist, Andrew, and so much more…

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