Love, humility, and a few…

I have become extremely educated about elite individuals, teams, and leaders – what causes their germination and what leads to their demise. Hard work is always the melody line of the elite. Talent doesn’t differentiate and innovators eventually run out of ideas on their own. The elite, however, simply keep working. I mean, working on the hard stuff. What, you might wonder, is the ignitor of such a sustainable work ethic?

An overaching vision, a big dream and always the sparkle that it’s a labor of love. Yes. The kinda hard work it takes to reach elite levels is germinated with the only kinda fertilizer that can carry it through droughts and downpours alike – Love. Love is the killer app.

The enemy is just as simple to see and as impossible to clearly define. The enemy of the elite is the pride that comes as an unintended consequence of gaining real clarity, conviction, competence, and confidence to not only compete but to do so successfully. Confidence is just a word away from over confident. And, nothing brings down the elite more than their over confidence in their ability to go it alone. Nothing, and I mean no thing, leads to more self wrought destruction than the sense that one does no longer need another. Study addiction among the elite and you’ll see this common refrain. Gurue is right, “all one” is only one “L” from alone and what an L of a difference it is.

Every week in this work, I’m reminded of the aloneness in this world – the elite are no exception. For many the lack of community leads straight to depression. For some it elevates levels of anxiety. For the elite it tends to show up in destructive behavior that began out of boredom and a sense of entitlement that they’ve somehow earned the right to this entertainment that now has enslaved them.

The more I learn the less I know. I’m no elite expert, nor am I an expert on addiction. I am, however, a student of both. My learning to date informs me that you cannot become elite without a deep love for your aim. And, you cannot continue toward mastery without deep humility for how far you have to go and how much you need others help along the way. Love, humility, and the help of a few friends. Good.

God, help me…

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