Cut 45…

Yesterday, I learned some good stuff about myself. I’m really weak and predictably so. I walked into Dr. Cuttfirstaskquestionslater’s office for my semi-annual full body skin cancer check. Her head nurse greeted me and asked me if I would rather have my cut (scheduled for tomorrow) instead of the full body. She told me it would buy me some time – it would cut out one more appointment. Done.

As she walked me back to pre-op area, I could feel my sympathetic nervous system starting to kick in. She numbed me up and my breathing was short and starting to get shorter. Left alone, I began to process what was going on. My little voice was in full control and my body was along for the ride. I was replaying 44 cuts ago when I didn’t know what to expect and the cut went deep and the swelling went cra. You see, I was surprised by the sudden cut time. My mind was geared up for a Thursday event and, suddenly, the event was moved up to Tuesday. I didn’t react well. Funny, I watched this happen as if it weren’t happening to me. So, once I processed what was happening inside, I told myself a simple but profound message. I reminded myself to simply breathe. Three deep breathes later, I was good. Laying alone in the operations room I’ve laid in for 44 cuts, I told myself this is no big deal and slowed my mind down. I told myself the first cut was the deepest and it aint happening again. I could feel my parasympathetic take back control. My breathing slowed it down and stopped the crazy chemical bath. I nearly fell asleep.

When Dr. Cuttfirstaskquestionslater finally arrived she joked that she didn’t want to wake me up. A deep cut and thirty stitches later, I was out the door and done. Didn’t feel a thing. We talked and laughed our way through it all. You see, once I got a grip on the situation and took control of my mind, the routine nature of the whole ordeal returned my system to it’s wonderful sense of status quo. Good.

Today and tomorrow, remember, you most likely aren’t gonna die from whatever has you in some kinda chemical bath of your own minds making. Slow it down. Breathe. Reset yourself. And, get on with it. Cut 45 was nothing, really. Good…

2 thoughts on “Cut 45…

  1. Chet, I am glad your procedure went well. You are strong! Ironically, I got cut yesterday. It seemed like 45 cuts. It wasn’t with a metal scalpel but by the manipulative actions and words of a colleague. Your post has helped me focus (steady words in the midst of battle…steady steady. Don’t react to the fear mongering, don’t get caught in the boobytrap. Hold the line.) Thank you!!

    Tim DeSett Lockton Inc. 913 219-3076

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