Time to talk…

Last night, during practice 8 with a team of grapplers from The Ohio State University, I made them ask their leader a question before we ended practice. I have made this a discipline with them and am about to make this a practice wide discipline with all teams. Here’s why.

You have questions about your role, where you fit in, and want a bit more clarity about where we’re going. You’re normal. You see, normal teammates have all kinda questions that remain gridlocked in their craw. These normal ones just can’t quite summon the courage to open their mouth and get ’em out there. So, the questions remain. The highest performing teams don’t hold back. Questions get answered. Simple. Hard. Fact.

Today, during practice 153 with a high performing and rapidly growing team, we surfaced some questions that had been hiding beneath the surface. We bubbled ’em up. kman made it safe and did some pushing too. Kristina put her toes to the edge, looked down from the high diving board, and without too much thinking – jumped in. Good. Today a team of high performers got better because questions were asked out in the open. Last night the same.

Your job as a leader is to surface more questions. Your job as a follower, is to not “act like a private.” As I write this rant it’s clear to me we’ve stumbled upon another productive discipline, not some one off designed to help young grapplers but somehow lost in the world of work. So, if you’re reading this as a participant in BTL team practice, you might want to go ahead and prepare your question for your leader – now. It’s time to get stuff out of your craw. Isn’t it about time? Isn’t it always about time? Isn’t it kinda silly to waste time chewing on things that are better dealt with by you and your leaders? Isn’t it time to talk, I mean really talk? Good…

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