One of the most profound learnings in our study of elite teams is around the way they grade themselves. In school we’ve been programmed to aim for A’s, but if B is the best you’ve got, then that works too. In fact, we’ll pass you along to the next level as long as you get something better than a D or F. Elite teams grading scale is much different. Everything, and I mean everything, is graded Pass/Fail. There is no participation award, there are no B’s awarded, and there is no such thing as trying. Either you do or you don’t. Pass/Fail. I love the simplicity and the honesty.

Of course, in life and on your team, this standard won’t be followed without exception but can you imagine the clarity, consistency, and conviction if it were?

Today, take away more of your own excuses. Grade yourself more demandingly. Don’t allow yourself partial credit for trying. Like a demanding student at University, look at your performance driving principles (you do know them, don’t you) and grade yourself exclusively Pass/Fail. Study your failings. Understand where you’re weak. Build strength where it matters. Remember, the elite are toughtest on themselves. Are you?

Pass/Fail, my friend. Stop trying and patting yourself on the back. Good..

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