Today, a team of seasoned producers learned a lot about their Joe (s) if they were paying attention. We introduced a newbie to why we’re here practicing as a team and we practiced sparring with our teammates toward the aim of helping, not hurting, one another. Some of us, by our nature, pull our punches. We are too afraid our attempt to help will be taken the wrong way. Some of us, by our nature, start off too harshly. All of us have to learn to lean against our tendency (our nature, if you will) to spar like a virtuous sparring partner with the aim of making our teammate better. You do want to make your teammates better, don’t you?

Too harsh and they might not hear you. Too easy and they may not feel a thing. The best teammates spar regularly and get in the habit of being hit with the truth. These are the teams with the deepest and most resilient trust. Today, Thomas, asked for some truth and got hit with it. It was good. He was given the opportunity to get better. Teammates cannot make each other better, but they can sure try. Today, a team of sixteen did exactly that. They practiced sparring for the first time in BTL practice. They got better;bitter, not so much.

Good work Joe(s). Good work Thomas. Good work team. Good sparring practice. Now go be a bit more like our friend, Thomas. Go ask for your teammates to spar with you. And, step into your fear and ask them to begin by hitting you. Get comfortable being hit with the truth. Ask for it, like Thomas. When it comes your turn to give it, you’ve got a better chance of being heard. Good…

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