Taste truth…

Today, during practice 193, a team of 18 asked a teammate to hit them. I simply gave them what they’ve been asking for – the chance to taste truth. Instead of focusing on the limitations of their leader they looked at what self belief is limiting themselves. And, some of them decided to get after it. I reminded them of one of the stories made famous in the bestseller by Collins titled, Good to Great. Admiral James Stockdale’s paradox is a reflection of his worldview, his belief system. He forced himself to look at the brutal facts of his reality and, at the same time, remain hopeful. Instead of going all negative and becoming despondent, he believed Hanoi was a definer. He chose to look at the facts and take baby steps of action into his hellish Hilton.

Face the brutal facts without losing hope. Good.

Today, a new client started practice one. They don’t know it yet but they’ve invited me to hit them with the truth. “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32. God, help me see my negative beliefs. God, help me see my self imposed limiters. God, help me get to the root of my own. God, help me work on my greatest leadership challenge – leading me. And, God, thank you for the generous blessing of this work worthy of my best effort. Help me become a wise truth teller for those who’ve given me their trust.

God, help me taste truth. God, help me…

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