Leaders are human. Humans are capable of love and hate, doing good and evil, excelling and failing, being responsible and forgetful, showing empathy and being callous, telling the truth and telling lies, living in fear and acting courageously, demonstrating real strength and weakness. Authentic leaders do NOT hide their divided selves from themselves or from the team they attempt to lead. Real leaders are real and raw. We connect to this HUman. We stick with him or her. Most leaders present themselves as “THEman.” We, as followers, cannot relate to him or to her. Instead of sticking with, we often attempt, instead, to “stick it to THEman.” And why not; he’s not one of us or so we think.

Today, as you lead whatever team at home or at work, remember that you can model resilience only when you are real. If you want a child to rise above her struggles, show her how you are doing the same. If you want a teammate that works on his weakness, show him how you are working on yours. Humans build strength, remember, through their discipline to embrace the struggle. Humans struggle. Humans are a house divided. Embrace this fact. STOP trying to put forth a front that hides the truth. We, your committed followers, won’t use this against you. Instead, we’ll come alongside and offer a hand. We always wanted to know that Dad struggled too. Somehow his strength didn’t diminish with this knowledge, at least not when this knowledge was his to reveal.

Leaders are human. Parents are too. Yesterday, during practice with his team, one of my clients shared how his pride and complacency are limiting him. He shared his struggle to become ONE. You could have heard a pin drop. FM, baby. You see, the purpose statement of BTL and the purpose behind every practice is mostly misunderstood. Becoming ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL, isn’t primarily aimed at you and your team. Nope, it’s not. Our purpose is targeted first at you becoming ONE within. The greatest limiter to your performance is division within you. As you become less a house divided within, your team heals too. Yesterday, my client’s influence did not shrink with his revelation – it expanded. He became even more HUman. His pride took a hit as his humility grew. It is a pure privilege to have a front row seat to a leaders struggle and strengthening.

All humans struggle. The strong one’s continually cultivate their interior space, their CORE. Slowly, as they close integrity gap after gap, they gain confidence and stop hiding. These few, get our best. Be ONE. Now, you may have a deeper understanding of why we practice. Good…

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