Choose better…

Today, for three and a half hours, time stood still. I was in the presence of greatness and my brain was in full absorb mode. Ryan Flaherty, the strength coach to Serena Williams, Russell Wilson, Kobe Bryant, and a seemingly endless array of athletes from nearly every sport, had come to the OSU wrestling room to share his training insights with the National Championship Team. I learned a ton. A few of the learnings already turned into PA as Rogue cushioned plyo boxes have been put on order. The 3PP has some new gear coming Monday and three new exercises being added to the arsenal. Good.

However, the most searing learning was around how quickly he predicts which athletes he trains are going to become elite. He knows within the first week. Always. Only the elite, he said, have the combination of talent, work ethic, and will. The will is the key. The will to pain. The will to push. The will to not quit. The will. He concluded his time by telling the National Champions that their biggest impediment is their will to keep working.

“You choose success. Success doesn’t choose you,” he reitirated. You and I may not have the talent of many of our competitors. Fact. Work ethic and will can more than make up for the deficit. You choose. Your choices have consequences.

Next week, the 3PP is going to give the participants a chance to choose better. We’re not training for any event. We’re simply training for life. Work ethic and will we can control. Thanks, Ryan for giving us some new data to drive our training. The choice to turn this learning into new behaviors is on us. Same with any team. Leaders, what kind of training are you giving to your team? How are you holding them accountable to choose better? How are you, Leader, modeling the way through your new PA? Remember, no leader can take a team further than they’ve gone themselves. Choose success, friend.

Choose better…

1 thought on “Choose better…

  1. Thank you, Chet, for sharing this. This is great truth. Reminds me of what Larry always taught us re: Jonathon Edwards on the will, i.e., the will is as the strongest motive: “It is that motive, which, as it stands in the view of the mind, is the strongest, that determines the Will.”

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