Baby step today…

You cannot reach your God given potential by holding onto what got you here. You cannot become the original you are meant to become without letting go of many masks that make it safe. You cannot do it alone but nobody can do it for you. Today, in practice 161 with kman’s krazies, we watched a clip from the movie, Gravity and learned the fine line between resigned and resolved.

You can choose slow death, as Dr. Ryan did when she was overwhelmed with obstacles in her way. You can let the gravity of your situation get you to throw up your arms and give up. You can stop trying because whatever mess you’re in is beyond your ability to clean. You can choose resignation. Or, you can choose better. Dr. Ryan chose better. After having a pity party for her predicament, alone in outer space – she decided to take a baby step and try finding fuel for her journey from an unusual source. Dr. Ryan, just like you and me had a big dream. She wanted to go home. But it wasn’t enough to want it – she had to do something about it. She had to choose to do. She changed her mindset with baby steps of action. Some worked. Some failed. She learned.


It’s a fine line, friend, between resigned and resolved. Every one of us is gonna hit the wall, so to speak. We all are going to experience being lost in space. All of us are gonna find ourselves alone and overwhelmed, in relationships we can’t fix, facing problems we can’t seem to solve, and in storms where it feels like we’re tumbling down the bunny hole completely out of control. These are defining moments. Resolve, friend, to baby step in them. Fail quickly. Learn. Get up. Baby step again. Resolve to baby step. Resolve to move.

Yesterday, our new apprentice baby stepped into outer space for him. Yesterday, he threw himself into a new profession and it feels like he can’t quite get his feet under him and onto solid ground. He is resolved to pursue his passion and risk it all. I’m resolved to make him do what he can. Together, we’re going to figure this out. The hardest part is already behind him. The hardest part to anything facing you, is getting started in getting after it. Like a baby leaving the comfort of the coffee table, the first step is the hardest. Baby step. Baby step today. No more tomorrow mindset. Baby step today. Good…

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