Do you know what it means to be pizzled? According to Daniel Goleman, the author of Emotional Intelligence and many, many more good books, the word is a combination of puzzled and pissed. Back when it entered our lexicon somewhere around 2006, it captured the feeling people had when someone they were talking with whipped out a Blackberry and started talking to someone else. Today, when someone you are with whips out their iPhone and does the same, we are no longer pizzled. The word is practically vanished. Back in the day, people were hurt when people multi-tasked them. Today people hardly notice. Today, distracted conversation is the norm.

Want to work on being more present, friend? STOP taking the text when talking to a teammate. You aren’t that busy or that important, are you? The person you are with isn’t really that insignificant either. Be with. Turn off. Tune in. Of course there are exceptions.

What’s your norm?

Slow down and reflect. Your attention is precious. Your brain does its best work when it’s going in one direction toward one target. Remember, you can’t taste flow without a singular focus, first. Don’t be puzzled or pissed, friend. Be present. Be with. Turn off. Tune in. Good…

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