Root or rot…

Today, during another tough practice, I challenged a few people to write out the conflict between them. They had all stopped writing because it hurt to see their stuff in black and white. This is normal. I explained the difference between writing and root canals. Writing about conflict within and with another is like having a root canal without novocaine. It’s gonna hurt worse for a short while. A lot worse. Prepare for this pain. Embrace this. Get it out, anyway. You would not let a dead root continue to rot in your mouth, would you? Why let diseased, damaging, and deadly thoughts remain rooted in your head?

The reason team chemistry is so rare is because building any kinda trust is hard; the deep stuff, desperately so. Your problem, most likely, is you live in some form of false harmony and have grown  accustomed to “playing nice.” Your problem may be rooted in your abuse of power or your fear of another’s power. Your problem might be you don’t know how far you’ve fallen from the aim for which you were made.

Peace, remember, is found on the other side of deep pain. Embrace this fact. Model the way. Embrace pain and suffering. Embody truth in LOVE. Get to the root. Stop living in some kinda slow death rot. Remember, for many millennia humans didn’t have the option of going numb. The only option was the one my Grandpa Scott liked to remind me of when I came running to him in pain. Grandpa would look at me and make sure nothing was broken. Once certain my pain was temporary, Grandpa laid out some ccd magic that kinda stuck – “Buck up, Chester. Buck up.”

So, friend, write for clarity on your conflict. Get it out of your head and on your iPad or iPhone. Once you see it in black and white, focus your brain on keeping your message simple – not easy. Clear, concise, and direct (always with respect) is the language of connectors who understand that conflict isn’t better when it’s rotting. Conflict gets better when a leader helps us get to the root and dig out what’s causing us pain. Simple. Not easy. Get to the root or let it rot. Root or rot? You choose.

Your choices have consequences.

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