It’s a process…..

Eight months ago, my client was totally derailed. A 20-year veteran in the business, he was passed over for a key promotion. He was angry, disappointed, frustrated and stuck in victimhood.

He desperately needed to hear very clear, concise and direct feedback but truth-tellers were nowhere in sight which is all too common in corporate America.

I was hired to build into this seasoned executive. I figured this was going to be a challenging engagement. And then he surprised me. He confessed that he was sick of feeling angry, wondering where he stood in his career and his personal life. He said he couldn’t stand looking at himself in the mirror! He had hit rock bottom; he wanted the pain to stop and was ready to make the necessary changes.

Those of you who understand the Built To Lead process know that any client engagement begins with 120+ Discovery Questions. We don’t meet again until they are complete. Answering these Discovery Questions has a way of revealing integrity gaps, unmet dreams, strengths, weaknesses and powerful life lessons. My client devoured these questions and simply poured himself into the process. He never looked back!

Any of you who have had the courage to begin the process of building your Strong CORE, you know the journey is not easy but incredibly rewarding if you have the discipline and focus to stay the course.

As I left my client today, he shared with me what he considers to be a real victory: He has gained the trust of a teammate where each plays the role of a truth-teller, sharing honest feedback, helping him to grow personally and professionally.

I can honestly say, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t realize how privileged I am, to be able to walk beside a client and play a part in his or her journey.

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