Mistaken identity…

Last night my restless legs and my thoughtful mind woke me in the middle of another dark night. Instead of mulling over thought after thought in my mind, I quietly reminded myself of whose I am. I recalled Rich Nathan’s reminder around discovering one’s calling. My calling to this thing called BTL, is not my primary call or even a secondary one. So, last night, as my legs moved and my mind spun up, I slipped into a silent prayer. I thanked God for His call to relationship with Him, first and foremost. Next, I thanked him for the body of believers – the Church and the community it represents and the opportunity to serve. And, finally, my heart settled my mind. I prayed a bit for family, friends, and clients and drifted off realizing my identity doesn’t depend on my look within. My identity depends on my look up, first. Good.

As St. Augustine shared many dark nights ago,  “Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds it’s rest in thee.” Do you know who you are friend? Have you taken the time to look within and understand your wiring, gifts, strengths, and God given talents? And, friend, do you know whose you are? If you feel called toward your opus, doesn’t this assume a caller? Maybe it’s time to rethink your identity, friend. Maybe you, kinda like me, suffer from a case of mistaken identity. Slow down and reflect.

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