Sunday Discipline is an ABC process

Friday, I got a call at lunchtime around the “Sunday Discipline” Toto is practicing with himself, the Apprentice, and all his clients with renewed zeal and clarity.   Why?   Yes, it’s a process aligned with “Measure What Matters Most”  but the real why is part of a greater HIGHway.  Don’t miss this why, or you and your team will be re-miss and miss out, because you will dis-miss the process.

My internal reaction when Toto asked if I am practicing Sunday Discipline with one of our best long-time clients was exactly what you DON’T want — dis-missive.   Like most CEOs, this one completes more “Done So’s” before Sunday midnight than most of his team will the rest of the week.   His signature Strengthfinder is ‘Strategic’ followed closely by ‘Achiever’.

“FAIL,” said Toto when I told him “no, I haven’t been doing this.”   Of course, Toto knew my answer before he even called.   And as a fellow builder, he knows deep change only happens after deep transformation in underlying belief.

“I want you to send me your writing on WHY I want you (to want) to practice Sunday Discipline with all your clients,” barked Toto as he ended our call.

In typical Toto fashion, he was now back in his basket and riding off to his next destination with a smile after executing another of his infamous “bit-and-run” plays.   Part of our relationship is he knows I love to think, and he loves to make me think even deeper because it ends up building both of us.   Biting shows love.

And his timing was perfect.  His call came just before my one-on-one practice with Thor, who is junior Jim to the partner who has been too laissez-faire, not wanting to micro-manage him.  The ONE thing these partners had agreed would most help their partnership AND their performance in 2016 was “What we do TOGETHER is more important than what we do.”

I asked Thor to write about WHY I wanted him and his partner to practice Sunday Discipline.  I’ll paraphrase what he wrote:

“Writing is the #1 way to lead ourselves, and telling each other is the #2 way we lead ourselves.   AND, great partners become even more distinct and deeply connected when we BROADCAST to each other our weekly PAs as we pursue our Opus — NOT out of compliance or accountability because of distrust — but out of commitment for greater ONEness and to make each other do what we CAN.”

Coldplay’s song Let’s Talk is at the beginning of our 8 Essentials of Leading Teams playbook because most teams are desperate to connect with their leaders and each other and they don’t — they are left A-LONE.   Sunday Discipline is an “ALL-ONE Broadcasting Culture” process born out of far more than our chief want in life.  It’s born out of TWI, which is born out of love.

Thank you, Toto.   Thank you, Thor.

Done So.   TWI.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Discipline is an ABC process

  1. Thanks John!
    As I read this blog all I could think was that you took the deep dive once again on the Sunday Discipline and added another rich dimension to it!

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