together we improve…

Catalysts cause a reaction when inserted in a chemical equation. They change the other chemical compounds while maintaining their integrity. Today, over an early morning coffee and tea with a tired client,  I listened to him tell me I’ve become this kinda agent between him and his teammates. My heart grew.

Later this morning I received a group text from another client where he used the “L” word to describe his teams highest aspiration. He’s moved beyond wanting to win (who doesn’t want to win btw) to wanting so much more. His opus is changing his life’s aim and  opening his teammates eyes to what really is the good life. I couldn’t help but call him in the instant. We talked. My heart grew.

Another morning practice ended with the head of the system walking me down the hallway to introduce me to another teammate he wants built to lead. We talked. Next week we’ll introduce another BTL builder to the equation. Score, not for me but for our band. My heart grew.

The BTL builders attempt to be catalysts and cause chemistry in your system’s equation. We insert ourselves into your team and through our presence, not forcefulness or positional authority, we cause a positive reaction in the surrounding relationships. We change the team. Our aim is to bring out the best in each and every one we touch. Our strength, instead of making others feel weak, makes others want to be as strong. Of course this cannot be true with everyone we build and even everytime we attempt to build. Not everyone we work with sees us this way or reacts positively to our catalyzing attempts all the time. Here’s the good news. It only takes a few to transform any system from good to great. Good.

Your job, as a leader, is to cause a positive reaction when you insert yourself in the working relationships of your team. This will not come naturally. Build this. Become a catalyst and bring out the strength around you. You will know you are becoming ONE when your team turns toward you without as much fear. You will know this when your practices are interrupted by those you are aiming to serve. And, they are interrupting you to love you, to fill you up, to make sure you know your impact isn’t being missed or taken for granted. Your heart will grow when your aim has been to simply grow the heart of another. And, when this kinda chemistry occurs, you won’t simply be a catalyst. You too will change. You will experience the ultimate taste of flow as deep trust between you and your team seeps into your pores. FM, baby. Yes, friend, together we improve.

together we improve…

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