Today a team of producers, presidents, and persons of influence, practiced by taking a moment and looking back. Together, we reflected on where we’ve come over the course of one year of practice. We slowed down and took a look back. This was so hard and so good for a team so focused on going fast. Today, we watched U2 “open the box” and then we did as well. Good…

The dialogue was robust and real throughout practice and at 9:01 I challenged all to write what they learned. There was lots of good learning, today, because we had so many show up ready to speak, listen, and challenge from belief. There was little fear in the room. Little. There used to be lots. This team is beginning to believe. We are beginning to trust each other. There is so much less “us and them” in the room, whether it’s us and them – benefits/pnc, large/small, producer/non-producer, or even insider vs. me, the outsider. Trust is being built. We’re building unity and talking about real issues. Today, we had a room full of leaders and took up residence “just this side of chaos.” I had to speak loudly “let me interrupt you,” four times before anyone responded. They were too busy tuning into each other to hear me. So, so good.

I wanted to tell this team the story of Kenny and his performance drop from one year ago as compared to Kyle and his practice disciplines. I wanted to issue a challenge but we didn’t get to it because this team was challenging each other. I wanted to take them further into learning about the conditions necessary for putting themselves in flow. However, as time ran out on today’s practice, I was reminded that they had put themselves in flow today. They tasted flow instead of talking about it. FM, baby. We went for 2 hours and nobody seemed to notice. The team went ten minutes long because they were lost in meaningful conversations with those they are learning to care about – dare I say – learning to love?

We awaken, challenge, and together we transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into one. One, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL. This is why we practice. Today a team tasted being one, not us and them, one. Today we slowed down and opened the box. We looked back at how far we’ve come. We picked up speed by slowing down. Good. Today we didn’t talk about flow, we tasted it. Today, a team tasted becoming one and it was good.


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