Burn out bright…

Today, in practice 24 with a team of grapplers, Nate was pushed to put himself in some flow. Ryan was pushed to not let his injury define him. Micah was pushed to not simply smile and go through the motions. Jake was pushed to not wait to fall back in love with the mat. Hunter was pushed to find the gratitude in the pain. Today, a team of grapplers was reminded it’s not easy climbing the unpaved road to becoming elite. Today, sweet Lou shared some tough truth. Today, a few may have been seared alongside the majority laboring in energy save mode.

Your problem, if your aim is to become elite, is you’re operating in energy save mode and don’t know it. You have more capacity than challenge. You’re bored. You’re brain has you convinced you’re at capacity. Your brain, remember, isn’t interested in you becoming elite. Your brain just wants you to survive. So, knowing how much sugar it takes to think, your brain gets busy getting down – slowing down, that is.

Tonight, I’m tired and it’s good. I’m not retired. I’m on fire and after dinner with my son, Taylor, I’m more convicted and convinced that this work matters. Listening to him tell me how he’s put his BTL learning into his Young Life labor of love, has me ready to go to sleep tonight and get re-energized for another good day tomorrow. God has given me a gift and I plan to put it to work and burn out bright. I’m not running on energy save mode. I’m running on love and preparing to burn out bright. The last thing I want is to slowly wind down and plop into the weeds. My aim is to become an elite builder of elite individuals, teams, and leaders. I don’t plan to slip quietly into the night. I plan to burn out bright. Good.

What kinda energy you running on, friend? Normal folks are running on fear and fear tells them to kick it down to energy save mode like the phone in their palm. Love tells you to run all out and burn out bright. Love tells you to push you to find your edge. I mean come on man, who knows your limits more than you do? If you wanna become elite, you’re gonna choose to push you. You choose, friend. Your choices have consequences.

Burn out bright, friend. Burn out bright…

1 thought on “Burn out bright…

  1. We Awaken, Challenge and together Transform a few ELITE individuals, teams and leaders into ONE, distinct and deeply connected, built to lead.

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