Sarah’s smile…

This past week was especially joyful as I had a front row seat to Sarah’s smile. Sarah, during the tail end of practice 206 with a team that’s grown tight (how could you not grow tight when you’ve gotten tired together 206 times!), shared her opus and it was a beautiful thing. Her opus, you see, is running a program called Restart. Restart helps people in debt get out of debt not by beating on them but by believing in them. Restart helps debtors get back to work. Shockingly, Restart is a division within a Columbus Collections Agency named Choice Recovery. Choice Recovery believes most debtors want to pay. So they act accordingly. Sounds too good to be true, I know, but it is.

Sarah smiled as she shared how many debtors she and her team had helped get back on their feet and back to work. The really cool part was when she took some tough questions about her metrics. You see, Sarah, had a few doubters within her own team. You will too, friend. You and I can learn a bit from following Sarah’s example here. Sarah didn’t get defensive. Sarah didn’t show righteous indignation. Sarah didn’t break stride, she kept smiling and didn’t even have to go to her notes to give specific, concrete, details to her data requester. Sarah smiled. Calmly, she stood her ground and delivered the goods.

As I watched this unfold right in front of me, I smiled too. My mind wandered back to many years ago and seeing Sarah in her first practice with BTL. She doesn’t even look like the same person. Sarah’s smiling because she knows she’s grown and she’s grateful to Durp for his belief. Sarah is smiling cause she is passing it along. Pascal was right. Way back in the day he said there’s not much more powerful than giving and recieving belief. “I give you the gift of these four words,” he began. “I believe in you.”

Durp has deemed his leadership team a team of leaders in training. Very humble and very cool. As an outsider who sees lots of leaders and lots of teams for a living, I would name them a bit different. Durp and his team are leaders leading in believing. Leading in believing. Good.

Sarah, just so you know, I’m still smiling…

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