Toxic once inside…

Garbage in/garbage out. We’ve all heard this phrase. Allow garbage into your system and the result will be the production of garbage coming out – garbage in equals garbage out. The same is true with toxins. Injest toxins like sugar and alcohol and you can expect something not so good coming out. This is a partial truth as I’ve come to personally understand. Dr. Kanodia has been enlightening me to some unintended consequences going on inside me. Injesting wheat, gluten, grain, and even pepper, certainly not toxic in nature, but they are in me. The result. Serious inflammation.

Some things, seemingly good going in, result in something toxic inside. The result for me was agitated sleep and inflamed joints to name but a couple symptoms I would have never associated with good stuff going in. Since making changes in what I’m pouring into my system, my sleep has dramatically changed and my joints feel free of arthritis. Of course, it’s not as simple as this. I’ve been working on making changes to optimize my health for quite some time. Introducing the TRX and core training since 2010 has aided my progress. Eliminating processed foods and limiting sugar has helped too. Having my bride encourage me and increase her capacity as the best chef in the world has been priceless. Her attitude of “wanting to” has increased exponentially my want to. I’ve become committed to lots of small, incremental gains. Good.

Here’s a potential extrapolation for you. You, most likely aren’t pouring garbage into your system on purpose. You aren’t hiring toxic people, as an example, and hoping to turn their toxicity (once absorbed in your system) into top notch performance. You may, however, be absorbing some good people who are bad fits for your system. You may not know it but they’re causing all kinda inflammation instead of allowing smooth connections in the figurative joints that make up your body for work. It would be nice if simply applying the “no asshole rule” solved this. Yes, I know the book by the same title sold a bunch but it’s just not that simple.

Leaders, if you’re after achieving chemistry within your team, you’ve got to tune into the silent symptoms, like Dr. Kanodia, and decide to make changes before it’s obvious to everyone.

Leaders are a lot like good, virtuous doctors. They aim to do no harm, first and foremost. They understand the complexities within the human system and prescribe optimal strategies to enable long term health and growth. Leaders have to also be willing to make cuts for the good of the whole. This always hurts as it helps. Good going in does not always equal good coming out. Good leaders understand that finding the right fit is as much art as science. Good wheat, grain, gluten, and pepper are not good in me. I’m cutting them out. It hurts when you love pepper as much as I do. Dr. Kanodia’s cuts may hurt. They’ve caused no harm. Later today, when I’m on top of Camelback mountain pain free, I’ll have another reminder how much he’s helped. Good…

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