Today will be Lockton KC Series, practice 14. Yesterday, in my mind, was Lockton 13. For most of the team of 64 producers it wasn’t even a BTL practice. Instead, they saw their investment of time with each other as another planning meeting. Anais Nin was right, “We don’t see things the way they are. We see things the way we are.”  Today this team is going to practice again. This team is already really, really good. It is loaded with smart people, solid citizens, and good leaders. And, this team can become so much stronger. Like all good teams, complacency creeps in ever so silently. You’ve got to tune in and lean in to pick up the early warning signals. My mind will be focused on making these men and women better. Our aim is to build elite individuals, teams, and leaders. Always is. My mind is focused on my purpose of awakening, challenging, and transforming this team into ONE, distinct and deeply connected.

Always is.

It’s early out here in the desert. In less than an hour there will be a few of us gathered together to push ourselves into some acute pain. We’re going to gather, poolside, under some beautiful palm trees, lush green grass, and native cactus. We’re so privileged to be here. Push ups, downers, flutters, planks, durps, and a few surprises will greet the few who are willing to wake early and push themselves. The remaining 64 will be pushed as well. They’ll just have to wait till I pull on my well worn blues, put on another of my favorite tees, and lace up my shoes for another day filled with practice. I will come to practice ready. Always do. Good…

It is quite peaceful knowing who you are, why you’re here, where you’re going, and how to get there. Peace is not the absence of pain. Peace is found on the other side of it. Peace is found in purpose. Purpose beyond self. Purpose bigger than you. Purpose worth pouring your whole heart toward even though it will surely be broken in such a vulnerable state. This is why we work so hard to help our family, friends, and clients become awake and oriented times four. Are you?

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