Cepheus and his mates…

Today, wrapping up practice with his team, no ordinary Joe told them how much he loves them and how much he loves mastering his craft. He only glanced at his notes, you see, his eyes were on the target of his attention – his team. He took his time and didn’t rush to get through it. He was enjoying speaking from his heart. This is the power of becoming one, friend. Instead of fear, love conquers and we find flow. FM, baby. His words were laced with emotion and it’s the one emotion every team wants to receive from their leader. What is this freakin’ magic emotion we all want to catch from leaders?


Today, Cepheus (his new name) connected with his talented team. I mean he really connected. It felt eerily like a reverent moment in church as the team tuned into his talk. Cepheus is becoming an elite leader of an elite team. Cepheus challenged his team throughout our three day retreat. He’s getting better and better at challenging out of belief. The team was caring and challenging too. Cepheus, you see, is spreading some good contagious emotions around him. So many leaders are emerging from this anything but ordinary collection of individuals, teams, and leaders. The retreat had some raw moments. People got real and some masks were dropped. Fear took a hit. Good.

We had a ton of fun even though everybody worked hard. Some folks mainly observed. Some were silent. Some played it safe. And, more than a few took advantage of the learning opportunity they had been given and got better as a result. Our next practice will be even better. We’re gonna put in the work, fall more in love with our collective craft and our team. Love is gonna win. It was a privilege, Cepheus, to be with you and your mates.

What emotions, leader, is your team catching from you? Good…

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