Care more…

The opposite of fear is love. When you find yourself, leader, not speaking truth in LOVE in the moment one of your teammates needs to hear it, it is (most likely) due to you having more fear than love. You must care more about your teammate than the way you’re gonna feel speaking truth in LOVE, especially when it’s gonna hurt you. The reason we have so few elite teams in the world of work, is because we have so few elite leaders with more love than fear. Want a better team, friend? Care more about your teammates and making them better than you care about yourself. Give more care than you take. Care more.

Give and take care, my friend. Give and take care is the way I sign most of my letters, notes, and emails. Give and take care, primes me to remember this recipe. Good…

2 thoughts on “Care more…

  1. Grateful I stumbled on this post today – it was great confirmation.(I’m a member of Kary’s Tribe, btw). Today had to share with a friend that he’s been drinking too much – he has teenage kids and they’re watching how he’s dealing with the death of his wife two years ago. I’m afraid I may lose one of my best friends, but his life is more important than my fear. Glad I followed the urgings of my spirit.

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