This week I reminded a team that it was a privilege for me to be with them practicing. I told them that my aim by the end of our time together at this beautiful retreat was for them to think likewise. You see, friend, it materially matters the mindset you bring to your work. Either you think “you’ve earned the right” or you think “you’ve been given a gift.”

Every morning before I leave the bathroom I take a gaze in the mirror and thank God for the gift of this work. I tell Him how grateful I am for the day He’s put in front of me and that I plan to do good work. I thank Him for the gift of family, friends, and clients. I soak it in. I know the way He’s wired me and it’s up to me to keep working, keep working, keep working and keep learning how to push my abilities beyond their current level of comfort. I thank Him for the family, friends, and clients he’s divinely appointed me to serve and I ask Him for the courage to serve them with an extraordinary love even when it hurts. I remind myself of my Dad and how he always reminded me of the Hippocratic oath that guided him – start by doing no harm.

As I’m heading out late this morning for another great day invested in my opus, I’m reminded of the power of our mindset. Privilege or right. You choose. Your choices have consequences. For those whom I am privileged to serve, see you at our next practice. You can count on me to be prepared. You can count on me to make you do what you can. You can count on me to make you uncomfortable. You can count on me to make you look in the mirror; out the window, not so much. You can count on me caring enough to tell you straight what others tell others about you. You can count on me creating an environment for you to choose better. You will choose your level of engagement. For me, I’m all in.

You see, for me, it’s a privilege. Good…

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