Staying too long…

Leading the twelve, the 300, or the damn few hasn’t changed much in the history of humanity. The lessons Alexander learned during his brief occupation in Afghanistan a few thousand years ago are the same lessons the British learned a few hundred years ago, the Russians learned in the 80’s, and the U.S.A. are learning, regrettably, at the present moment. Here is the melody line we’re presently re-learning.

The Afghani’s are tougher than we are. Fact. They respect warriors and are offended by occupiers. We have made the mistake of staying too long.

Study, learn, and apply. Study history, most importantly the history of Y.O.U., your company, your industry, and those you’re attempting to serve. Learn more than you already think you know. Go deeper. Find the nuances and then a thousand more. Apply your learning before you think you’re ready. Productive action (PA) is the one you want. Make it a habit to choose PA today and study what happens, learn from the failures, and make new mistakes tomorrow.

The problem for most of us is we’ve stayed the same. We keep making the same mistakes. We keep sitting in them for too long. Leaders gotta keep the team moving forward and leaders gotta know when to patiently wait. Study your habits, leader. Do you tend to stay too long or move too fast? You’re gonna have to lean against your tendency, not all the time but some time, friend. Get comfortable with no easy answers. Slow down. Reflect.


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