The Legacy You Leave is the LIFE YOU LEAD.

Many of us have had a teacher in school we will never forget and in my case it was a beautiful lady named Mrs. Wickham. I always needed a little extra help in my French lessons and Mrs. Wickham (Pat) was always there for my tutoring lessons. Mrs. Wickham could speak several languages fluently and she had travelled the World. She was incredibly curious, passionate, kind and always willing to help you well beyond any French lesson.

My wife and I were invited to attend her 90th Birthday party and there is no way we would miss this party! We also had another good mutual friend of ours who was invited and that was Art, who is 104 years old and turning 105 in September. You might think these two (Pat & Art) are feeble, maybe forgetful and needing a lot of help—think again! Art walks out of his home gets in to our car, puts on his seatbelt and is ready for a good discussion. Mrs. Wickham has a smile from ear to ear and always greets you in French or Spanish and can still speak both fluently.

As we arrived for the party their were about 60 to 70 people in attendance and all there to celebrate the life of this wonderful lady who inspired all of us with her stories of travel, culture and the friendship she shared with folks around the world. When she spotted her friend Art (104), you could see the joy and appreciation all over her beautiful face. They talked, hugged and told some great stories.

At that moment I was looking around the room and you could see nothing but joy, happiness and inspiration at the sight of these two people who were living breathing examples of what a Legacy can look like when you build meaningful relationships along the way and give and give and give!

In the language of Built To Lead, their OPUS was on display! We all shared many of the same stories with the same melody line, Mrs. Wickham inspired you to give back, to serve others, to see the world, soak in the culture, the art, the people, the food, explore and make a friend along the way. Art at 104 has lost all of his contemporaries/friends his age but being Art, he continues to build friendships wherever he lands. And his energy and passion for life just draws you in. As we drove Art back to Columbus he did repeat himself several times, “I am so lucky to have you in my life, I am so grateful for this time together, I am truly blessed to have been a part of this day.”

“The Legacy You Leave is the Life You Lead!” I often ask Art to share his ideas about life, success and living a good life and this quote is often his answer.


6 thoughts on “OPUS

  1. I love you Tom! Never seen you with out a smile and boundless energy! Your family is a testament to the good man that you are! My best to the crazy women, the life of any great gathering!

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