Relationships are the Essence of Life!

I was once again reminded today of just how important true friends really are. It’s been awhile since I had seen my good friend and we both knew it was time to take a break, no matter how busy we were and have lunch at a favorite spot, North Star. Each of us had a lot to share, some painful events, challenging business opportunities and some great stories retold one more time. When I walked away from our lunch I could only feel enormous gratitude for my friend, for listening, really listening and allowing me to do the same for him. “True friends help us move from fear into courage and fill in what we perceive as voids with confidence and encouragement.”

The Greeks have two words for time, Chronos, the kind you wear on your wrist, your watch, and Kairos, Moments in Time. We all need more Kairos moments. We all lead very busy lives and I hear many of my clients say, I wish I had more time for friends, I feel isolated and bad about not staying in touch. We are Built for relationships! We need good friends and YES, they will disappoint us, there will be drama and ugly parting of the ways. AND yet, we still have to remember that one of the key factors that will determine the quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.

Pick up the phone and call a friend, it’s that easy, pick up the phone and get busy building stronger relationships and enjoying the gift of friendship!

What relationships in your life need more of your time?

What do you value most…money, power, and position or people?

How would your spouse, children, parents, and friends answer?

1 thought on “Relationships are the Essence of Life!

  1. Pete, I’m so glad that you’ve been writing more. You have a great gift and way of explaining things. Be encouraged AND keep sharing… please.

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