This morning, in the 3PP with 1 rose among 8 thorns, we ended the core workout with 5 minutes and 55 seconds of TRX saws. The TRX saw is performed with both feet in the straps and the arms in an elbow plank. The motion is to replicate a human saw with your core held tight, back flat, and the trick is to push your body forward and backward – the further you go in either direction the more it inflicts acute pain. PJ led us out for the first 30. Jmo brought us though the middle 30 and Blondie took the lead for the last 25. I observed my mind thinking it was done after the first round. I diverted it’s attention by thinking about my new friend, Jake, and his mission to save a warrior (saw). Every saw I imagined how BTL’s gonna come alongside and saw with he and his fellow warriors. My study of leadership has led me to study warriors more than any people group, it only makes sense that part of our opus would be to somehow serve those who’ve served us so well.

Freedom, remember, isn’t free. This morning saws took my mind to opus and S.A.W.! Good…

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