A little nut…

I’ve been called a lot of names over the years, some good, some not so much. My favorite acquired name has to be Toto. Toto, you might remember, was the catalyst for Dorothy getting on her Hero’s Journey. Toto jumped out of the basket to show her the way – he modeled it. He protected her along the journey and his bark, not his bite, was the go to tool for his trade. And, he wasn’t the main event or the star. She was. Very cool.

My most frequent name I’m called is some kinda nutcase. Most people think I’m nuts. For some it’s because of my intensity, others are bothered by my belief, and still others just think I’m crazy for any number of reasons. The same may be true for you. You may see yourself as a truth teller and others see you as brash. Next time you see a mighty oak and stand under it’s massive canopy, remember this. It started out as a nut.

Keep working, my friend. Keep working. We all start small, kinda like a little nut becoming a mighty oak. And, we all gotta be a little nuts at some point. Good…

2 thoughts on “A little nut…

  1. It hurts the worst when this happens in your own home and family.
    And with a small physical stature it seems to give contrarians more license to criticize.
    what I have come to learn is that when I look up, these comments mean I am probably working in the right direction.
    Remember the world’s view and God’s view are “flipped”
    The world says relax and have another drink, but when I look up, we really are at war for our hearts

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