Laugh, love, learn…

Yesterday was one of those days that went by in a blur. I left home at 6:30 and returned at 6:00 after five practices and a few phone practices for good measure. Full. Tired. Good.

The fifth practice was FM,baby – practice 210 with Durp and his team of thirty, thirsty souls. You see, with this team, I rarely take the lead anymore. I can’t hardly grab back the reins because there are so many with so many good ideas and so little fear. So, we usually go with one of theirs. Yesterday, however, I took the reins. I wanted them to see something and teach them about the power of context. You see, we’ve become such a Twitter, snapchat, text culture with communications that we’ve forgotten there’s so much context missing when we limit our consumption to 140 characters.

Most conflict is simply a conversation to be had. Most conflict comes from a lack of context. Yesterday, during practice 120, a team of thirty came clean about a little conflict within and with another. We went too many directions to count and had two newbies not miss a beat. In fact we had two newbies practice 7 good minutes in front of 56 eye’s focused solely on them. And, it was awesome. The two of them were awesome. The 28 teammates learning was awesome. The laughter was awesome. The love was awesome. The learning was awesome.

Practice 210 provided a team of thirty, thirsty souls with an opportunity to laugh, love, and learn. Laugh. Love. Learn. Every team practice our aim is to laugh, love, and learn. Thanks, Durp and team. I owe you one. I’m indebted to you, you could say. You just raised the bar on practice. I can hardly wait to see how you turn yesterday’s learning into left foot, right foot kinda PA. So, so good, my friend. Thank you team of thirsty thirty. Thank you…

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