Last night was out of my comfort zone. I “led” a small group Bible study with family and friends where the topic was Genesis 1:1-2. We tried to make sense of God’s Big Bang moment that none of us was here to see. We heard lots of interpretations, shared a few statistics on what normal Americans think, and ended with the conclusion that we’ll not know, this side of Heaven with absolute certainty. I shared one of the recent changes to my worldview and caused a bit of a stir. I now believe that evolution and creation are true. I believe God was the ignitor of the Big Bang and continues to be involved to this day. I believe science helps explain this and the Bible is the roadmap.

For instance, we now “know” the universe is roughly 14.5 billion years old and the earth somewhere shy of her 5 billionth birthday. We know the universe continues to expand. We cannot, scientifically, explain how this expansion got started. Hence the ever popular notion of out of nothing, something – Bang.

In the beginning God created. Out of nothing the universe came into being. Who knew? Certainly not you or me. Science can explain what it can observe. Faith is a catchphrase for the unexplainable and every human puts his/her faith in someone or something. Your beliefs matter, friend. This is why at BTL our first work with clients is around them doing the hard work within and cultivating and clarifying their worldview – their basic set of beliefs through which they make sense of life.

Last night a team of twenty somethings, fifty somethings, and even some sixty somethings shared some thinking that is at best partly cloudy. We studied some philosophy and some science. We opened up the good Book and gained a little more clarity that out of nothing, somehow this universe we live within came into being. We were in awe and wonder as we stared at the stars so far away and the moral code so deeply imbedded within each and every one of us. Funny, isn’t it, keeping the moral code is harder for us to grasp than the vastness of the universe. I mean don’t we all know right from wrong, almost instinctively, and yet don’t we all fight within to do what we know we ought? What’s up with that?

Last night I began to understand a bit more about becoming one, distinct and deeply connected. Last night some clarity arrived amidst a sea of chaos. Last night was good even though my leadership was less than stellar. Last night a team came together and tasted community. Even though we share 99.9% the same DNA (Thank you Francis Collins), we are each so, so unique. Together we improve. Together we become one. Together. God, help me come together within, help me become one. And, God, help me unite in some kinda crazy way with family, friends, and clients. God, help me bring people together. And, someday, I look forward to the veil being lifted. Someday and not yet. From bang to back together. ONE. What, friend, do you believe?


5 thoughts on “Bang…

  1. It is interesting how the earth is aging. When I was in high school the earth had evolved from some few millions of years. Recently I read that the earth was 4.5 billion years old. Now, a few months later I find that it is 14.5 billion years old. It is impressive hold exacting a science, science is. The aging is a result of “scientists” realizing how intricately the earth is “designed” and how it couldn’t be this complex if younger. I guess I’d rather take Go’s Word for it rather than the faith of a “scientist.”

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  2. I believe to borrow an expression from a good friend of mine we live in a voice activated universe, which Father God spoke into being and that he has given to us his creation, his children, the power of life and death on our tongues. So that literally I can speak into being life, hope, and blessing for myself and others; or if I am not watchful and aware death, hurt, and pain. We were first given dominion over the earth after we messed that up there is still one earth that we can have a part in redeeming and that is the earth that is us. As we are simply made from dust and someday that is what we will return to. I believe we have an eternity with God because it will take that long for us to grasp the magnitude of his presence and power.

  3. Wonderful post! My worldview, “through the glass darkly…”

    If we worship the God of Truth, it seems we must therefore be respectful of science’s quest for it and be devoted to facts, surely the language of God. If we claim to love the God who is Love, we must come to see that creative ongoing relationship, which is the Trinity, is the model of the evolving Universe, within which and through which and above which is the Logos, the Christ, the reason for it all. If we are to respond to Christ as God Incarnate, we must follow his commands and bring his Shalom, his Peace, to the world, starting within our own warring incarnate hearts. In this way we will become Christlike, becoming conscious of our own growing complexity toward wholeness and ability to bring wholeness where we go in following Christ. Maybe then, even in our puny lifetimes on Earth, we may then gain consciousness of our shared human relationship as children of the living God, born of Earth, all essentially ONE. Therefore, as sons and daughters of Earth, we are the Universe (Latin for “turning into ONE”) becoming conscious of itself. For the mind of Christ to fully evolve to rule all the Universe one day, it must rule in our hearts first. Our choice: be a part of it, or rebel against it. Truth. Love. Growth. Peace. Consciousness. Wholeness.

    Chet, you are a role model of all of this. Thank you for requesting us to share.

  4. Thank you all for sharing. So good to see a conversation started. So good to hear from old friends, new friends, and friends I’ve not yet met…

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