Fathers follow…

Yesterday we left Vienna and headed to the high Alps. We’re in the tiny, lake village of Hallstatt one of the oldest in the world and home to one of the first industries too – salt mines. Today we plan to hike up the salt mines and all around this beautiful lake. I’ve already been out scouting out our route and got lost on the way back to town. Should be another interesting day with my three sons. Andrew picked a beauty, here.

Actually, he’s been picking ’em great this entire trip. He picked our hotel in Vienna and most of our activities too. We’ve been laughing a lot and enjoying our time back together. Jordan, Andrew, and Taylor – my three sons. It is good to be together even if it’s not for so very long. I’ve enjoyed sitting in the back seat, so to speak, as even Andrew and Jordan are our only drivers on our rental car from yesterday. It’s been a great vacation in so many ways. Maybe non more so for me, than watching my three sons take the lead. As a father it is good to sometimes follow. Fathers follow. Not my best skill. Not my best practice. Not my natural tendency.


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