The sound of the Scott’s…

Yesterday, we teed it up at the home of golf – St. Andrews. Today, we teed it up at the home of the Ryder Cup – Gleneagles. I’ve never played golf across the pond until yesterday. To say we went big would be an understatement. My friend, Doug, doesn’t know how to not go big.

Yesterday, I took a 2.5 hour bike ride toward the William Wallace monument and ended up missing the mark because the garmin gave out along the route. I made the most of it by just taking what the road gave me and following the road less traveled. It ended up epic as I ran into two fellow cyclists and zero cars. Good. Today, we took off toward Edinburgh and like my bike ride we kinda took the scenic route by accident. We couldn’t have planned this trip off the beaten path any better. Of course, the culprit, was a faulty iPhone gps. Who knew getting lost could be so beautiful.

As I read the history of the Ryder cup this week, it reminded me how many great traditions get jump started by accident. Back in 1921 a group of Americans & Brits gathered at the Kings course of Gleneagles to warm up for The Open. Yes, the same Kings course we took to this early morning. The Brits won this first match by 9 – 3. It would be a handful of games later before a man named Ryder would organize it into the best event in golf.

Today, Tay and I left Edinburgh and are headed to Vienna. We’re meeting up with my other two sons – Jordan & Andrew. We’re getting together for the first time as a team of four adult men. We’re gonna follow Andrew’s lead and take in some history, culture, and alpine fresh air. We might be starting something that could become a ritual for our family. All I know for certain is I’m gonna smile a lot. Thanks to our friend Doug, we are coming together as four Scott’s far from home. Coming together from Berlin, Delray Beach, OSU, and Powell. Distinct, deeply connected, and becoming one. I’m sure we’ll have a few unexpected twists in store for us this week too. I can only hope they’ll turn out half as well as this week. It’s going to be good. It’s going to be beautiful beyond belief. This week, the hills are going be alive with the sound of the Scott’s. Good…

2 thoughts on “The sound of the Scott’s…

  1. Great reading this news!! Nothing has changed, still getting lost and discovering the road less traveled, and scenery only you could find lost as hell!!
    Love reading about your day, keep it up, the boy’s will love every minute of your time together!
    God Bless!

  2. For a golfer there is nothing better than being in St. Andrews and around the Old Course. Tommy’s Honor by Kevin Cook is a great book on the Open Championship and Old and Young Tom Morris. Old Tom had a number of tragedies and set backs in his life but he kept working towards his OPUS during his lifetime. Really good read.

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