Choose better…

Today’s practice ended in flow. Together the team solved the finding flow puzzle. This team has decided to stick together, even though the UK country team seemed to decide otherwise. In fact, today’s practice began on a bit of a downer as many from the UK felt betrayed by the vote of their country. We could have easily slid into victimhood and finished our three day leadership retreat, well, in retreat of some sort. We chose better.

Instead of allowing adversity to overwhelm us, we took advantage of it. We took it as a challenge. We ended in flow. We walked out feeling better, not bitter. We came together instead of coming apart at the seams. Alex summed it up well when she said how much she cared for Bob and how much Gary cares for her. BTL and her baby steps have brought this international team closer. Her peers recognize this. Those in another segment of the system said they want more. And, they’re gonna get it. You see, a few of them are going to be the change. ¬†Remember this, my dear reader. We get better when you get better.

Bitter or better. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Good. Today, this team choose better. Tomorrow, we will choose again. Everyday you and I choose. Choose better, friend. Choose better…

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