Gift of time…

Today, toward the end of our second full day of BTL practice, I gave all 22 practice participants the gift of time. They’ve been working hard on building trust and have begun to solve some real issues in their system. They are busy men and women, really successful, and really bright. Their clients are the Titans of technology, from Microsoft to Google and almost any key cloud player in between. They have more demand than supply. Talk about a good problem to have.

Today, however, we gave this team of 22 something they rarely get – the gift of time. We gave them the gift of taking thirty minutes to themselves. No emails. No phone calls. No meetings. No deadlines. No interruptions. We simply gave them thirty minutes to work on themselves. I primed them to use this time wisely and work on their figurative CORE. I gave them a lawyers argument around why this time is the right time to slow down, reflect, and take a look inside. I challenged them to do this before the crisis, before the event, and because they are the only one on the hook to lead themselves. I told them I cannot make this do this real, hard, work within.

So, here we are at the end of the day. A few took advantage of the gift and I can see them working. A few left the room and may be doing something else. That’s not for me to judge. I simply gave this team the gift of time. Time and your scale are two things that won’t lie to you. Stand on your scale and it will simply tell you what you weigh. Look at your watch and it will only tell you the time. Fact.

Are you investing your time in your CORE?

Are you investing your time in alignment with you want in work and life?

Are you too busy, too successful, and too smart to do what is not common and makes no “cents?”

Tell me more, friend. Tell me more.

1 thought on “Gift of time…

  1. Hi Chet. Thanks for the post. I’m investing in my CORE. Working on my OPUS now. I don’t want to be crowd conditioned anymore. I’ve had enough of that.

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