Your next big idea…

Today, during practice with a team building trust, we took down some silo walls that have been built over the course of time. I watched some really good leaders learn some valuable lessons. Here’s one.

It is easy to enter flow when having a robust dialogue with one or two teammates. However, when you are talking within a team of five and only hearing from 40 – 60% of the team, you cannot operate at full strength. You see, the strongest teams generate ideas from everyone. Nobody is allowed to simply listen in without weighing in, at least at some point. In the new world of work, no leader is smart enough to think for all of us. There is too much information to absorb for any one person or for any few people in positions of power. So, the greatest leaders pull ideas out of all of us – even those quiet ones who tend to listen. You see, throughout the history of time, lots of great ideas have come from introverted types. Oftentimes, these ideas had to pulled from them. Your job, if you’re a leader, is to engage your entire team. Good.

Who knows, your next big idea may just depend upon it…

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