Yesterday, during practice with my favorite international client, we had a moment I won’t soon forget. We talked about the song titled, Talk by Coldplay. You see, this song was placed in the introduction to the 8 Essentials of Leading Teams because I wanted to contrast the difference between the way business people and artists talk. On the prior page, I gave an example of being “talked to” by a typical boss. The conversation was one way and mostly focused on the facts.

The artist conversation was, well, more conversational. The artist cried out for help, talked to each other, and was communication laced with feeling, authenticity, vulnerability, and personal. Good.

Your job, if you’re a leader is to talk with your team. You must be clear, concise, and direct – always with respect. You must focus on the facts and feelings. You must deeply connect with your teammates and learn to lead without loathing, but instead, with love. Your team, remember, is filled with fear. If you want them to run through walls with you, you must trust first. You must communicate your willingness to be real, raw, transparent, and fully engaged. Great leaders get our trust. We believe them at their word, buy into their vision, trust their ability to get the job done, and are inspired by the consistency of their effort. There you have it leader. Simple.

Your team wants to talk. Your job is to mostly listen. When you speak, make it truth in love, delivered ccd – always with respect. Make sense?

Let’s talk…

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