My three sons…

Growing up we were only allowed to watch a few shows each week. Lassie, My friend Flicka, and one other that slips my memory, were the main three we three children agreed upon. So, these were the three we would be allowed to watch on a given week. Occasionally, I can recall getting to watch another sitcom titled – My Three Sons. I always loved this show about a man and his three sons.

This week I’ve been living with my three sons – what a privilege. Jordan (31), Andrew (28), and Taylor (20), don’t often hang together, much less with their Dad. This week we’ve driven together, slept together, gotten tired together, and broken plenty of bread together.  What a blessing to be together with my three sons. Today is our last chance to make memories on this trip. We are headed to the high alps again. We’re going half way up via gondola and then finishing off the high hike with a 2 hour vertical. Afterward we plan to ride bikes around the lake and scout out the other side where we’ve yet to explore. I’m certain the end of the day will find us raising a pint in good cheer. But, I’m not in control. Never have been. Never will be. I can’t control circumstances or sons, only me and I’m not the master of me quite yet.

One thing I’ve learned along this path of raising my three sons is, quite like our Heavenly Father, being a dad is all about being strong enough to give advice, offer guidance, and let sons become their own men. I’m certain this was never intended to be easy. However, having sons and daughters does give us but a glimpse of what it’s like to be in charge – it’s fleeting. Once your team learns to think for themselves, you had better learn quickly how to be beside them or you’re quickly left behind. My three sons have taught me quite a lot over the years. My time of formally teaching them came and went years ago. Now, I’m left with little choice – I’ve got to show them, I’ve got to model the way, embrace the pain and suffering, and attempt to embody truth in love. You see, my three sons, just like yours don’t hear so well anymore – but boy can they see.

My three sons and I are headed up. Who knows what we’ll see and how we’ll get there. We’ll be together. Good.

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