The in between…

Yesterday, we took a gondola into the clouds of the high alps, rode our bikes around a beautiful lake, enjoyed a couple great meals together, cracked open some fine Italian wine, and absorbed beauty after beauty after beauty. My three sons and I had a great final day in the alps – together. However, by far the best picture, and most searing memory will be the one selfie Jordan took of the four of us. What’s funny about it is the picture was captured in a parking lot…

The tiny town of Hallstatt doesn’t allow you to park your cars in the city limits if you’re a guest there, there’s simply not enough room. So, every hotel guest parks in a parking lot just before Hallstatt proper. We parked here each day. The first day we had to hit the “SOS” button on the parking ticket reader because Andrew forgot to bring the ticket with him and we couldn’t get out of the parking lot without the owner coming down and receiving a penalty payment from us. The second day I took the ticket to the machine and promptly put my MasterCard where you were supposed to put Euro’s. Another “SOS” call to our friendly parking magnate and within 15 minutes we had our credit card back. So when we returned to the parking lot for our final day we decided to celebrate with a selfie with the owner in the background. We celebrated our mistakes. We celebrated something silly, not the least bit scenic.

The best picture of the trip came where we least expected it, where we had been most bummed, in between Hallstatt and our many activities. The best meal came when we were simply traveling on the in between. And, one of the best conversations with Andrew came in the car this early am with Jordan and Taylor sleeping away on the trip in between Hallstatt and Vienna. None of it planned. Most of it simply in between. Today, Tay and I are traveling back to Cbus, we’re in between. I’m beginning to believe the memories might just be best on the in between. We’ve had plenty of small inconveniences during the in between moments this trip. And, we enjoyed our best laugh and consequently best picture when laughing at ourselves cementing the scene of the crime, if you will. My three sons and I made memories, seemingly the most poignant, during the in between. You may find the same true for you.

So, next time you make a mess with your parking ticket in life, take a deep breath. If it’s funny in five years, go ahead – laugh now. Good…

2 thoughts on “The in between…

  1. Loved hearing about all your adventures and want to hear more upon your return! I really enjoyed the parking lot ticket story, at least you were not lost in the Alps which I am certain could have happened with you leading the way!

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