A culture of likes…

There is nothing inherently wrong with being popular. However, it seems our world has over-valued “likes” and under appreciated expertise. Today, our largest corporations are being bought, not for their profit, sales, or even potential but instead for the number of likes they manufacture. Look no further than Facebook’s recent acquisition of Instagram. It was all about the “likes.”

Artist’s no longer pour themselves into putting together a great album. They can’t afford to. There isn’t any money in record sales. We thought the “long tail” was going to increase the number of artists getting their sound out there. Instead, iTunes and the new music world has made it easier for the few artists to become wildly popular as they conjur up the corner on “likes.”

Your business is likely concerned with social media even though your product may not be inherently social or have anything to do with the general media. We’ve all been led to believe that we’ve got to focus on likes more than makes sense, at least to me. My sense about business is we would be well served to discount likes and go long on expertise. If your business is to be sustainable in this new, digital, self serve kinda economy we find ourselves in, let me make a suggestion – your company must deliver value. Value is best delivered by people with expertise, by craftsmen/women. Focus on building a better building, with better amenities, more sustainable ingredients, and better trained personnel. Focus on building expertise.

There is nothing wrong with being popular. We live in an economy of likes and, like it or not, it’s not real. You see, nothing beats being better in the long run. Be better, friend. Focus here. This rant won’t be popular, won’t generate a flurry of likes, and might even be wrong if you’re in business of serving the social, if you’re living in a culture of likes.


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