A, B, C,’s of Adversity…

Today, during practice 18 with a team of Kansas City’s finest, we got a lesson in English. We learned the power of your A, B, C’s. I told this team the story of my recent practices with my favorite international client. Our last day of practice in London was on the day Brexit was announced. Brexit was simply another adversity these international executives had to deal with. Remember, adversity is an opportunity for you to learn optimism or learn helplessness. You choose. Your choices have consequences.

Today, a team of producers practiced learning optimism in the face of their Brexit – their adversity. Each producer practiced their A, B, C’s. First, they identified the Adversity. There is power in naming an event. Your little voice is lessened when you name your adversity. Next, each producer identified their Beliefs about said adversity and finally they listed out the Consequences.

You see, we were helping this team of producers identify their explanatory style. Explanatory style, according to Dr. Seligman’s research, is very powerful. Your explanatory style is rooted in that little voice in your head and plays like a long ago recorded script. When adversity strikes, high performers explain events more positively than the norm. High performers do not catastrophize. High performers do not explain good or bad events as personal, pervasive, or permanent. High performers have learned optimism. This is not some kinda “Pollyanna, rose colored glasses” kinda positive. The aim of learned optimism is to develop the resilient response to adversity. What, you ask, is the resilient response of high performers toward whatever adversity it is they face?

Keep working.

So, today, remember your Brexit moment is mostly in your mind. You cannot control circumstances or other people. You can, however, control you. You can control your response to adversity. Today, learn to respond optimistically to adversity. Replace the tired script in your head with a powerful, tried and true one. When adversity strikes, remember your A,B,C’s. And, give your mind the D & E’s. Dispute your little voice and talk to yourself like a lawyer. Give yourself evidence to support your calm, cool, and collected response to your Brexit. Once you’ve calmed yourself. Choose the recipe of high performers the world over.

Keep working. Good…

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