All in or opt out…

Divorce, like so many decisions in life, is really complicated, complex, and quite simple at the same time. “Irreconcilable differences” blankets, quite conveniently, the real root as to why most couples find themselves in front of a Judge instead of their Pastor. Somebody chose to be done. Somebody chose to change their mind. Somebody chose to take their vows a little less seriously. Somebody gave themselves an out. Divorce often occurs because somebody gives themself the option to quit. Ironically, the latest science shows we humans are happiest when we value commitment over freedom. Our brain, turns out, likes to know we’re all in.

If you want to stick to anything or anyone, don’t give your brain an “opt out” option. All disciplines are complicated, complex, and, at their root, really simple. It’s easy to be committed for awhile; real, hard, work to be committed for a lifetime. Endurance is only for the few. Be one. Become ONE, together…

Happiness, is more about honoring your commitments than it is about enjoying your freedoms. Don’t take my word for it; ask the few, really old folks you know that are joyfully growing old – together. Ask them for the roots of their endurance. Honor your commitments, friend. Grow old, but not tired with the one you walked down the aisle. Don’t walk on when it gets hard. Turn around. Swallow hard and lead with forgiveness. Good.

What are you choosing, commitment or some kinda false freedom? All in or opt out? Tell me more, my friend. Tell me more…

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