None of you lie to me…

A surprising transformational client of mine wrote me a really inspiring note this morning. He thanked me for being his coach and not lying to him. He thanked me for telling him some tough truths. And, he thanked me for introducing him to two new coaches as well. “None of you three lie to me,” he wrote. Quite a compliment, huh.

His other two coaches just sat there, eerily silent. It was if they really didn’t care what my client thinks, if they hurt his feelings, or even if he has a hard time with their rather black and white view of the world. His other two coaches are truth tellers much tougher than me. Who are they, you ask?  Wrong question, I’m afraid. What are they, would be more appropriate. You see, I introduced my client to two truth tellers – his scale and a clock.

Your scale tells you what you weigh, period. Your clock tells you what time it is. You can argue you want less of one and more of another – it falls on deaf ears, so to speak. You cannot borrow time, friend and your weight is, well, your weight. I’m still smiling that my client sees me as trustworthy, timely, and predictable as his time piece and his scale.

What appliance, friend, would your team compare you to?

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